My Promise to Our Community

Now more than ever it’s important to have an experienced County Commissioner to grow our local economy and continue to protect the quality of life for our families.
— Commissioner Nancy Sharpe

Employers will continue to be welcome.


Jobs and economic development are my top priority. Our communities need stable businesses and employers to thrive and give citizens the jobs they need to support their families. I support a business-friendly Arapahoe County.

Budgets and spending will remain in control.

It is more than a campaign promise, it’s my personal track record. Whether in my own family life, in business, in my work as County Commissioner or formerly as Mayor, I’m committed to fiscal discipline, living within our means, and budgeting conservatively. It’s a matter of economic security and it’s simply the right thing to do. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to preserve their bright future.

Safety of our citizens is essential.

In 2014,  I co-founded a countywide coalition called "Not One More Child" that works to protect our children from abuse and neglect.  I will continue to work to expand this program.  I will also support the elderly who have suffered abuse or financial exploitation, and I will continue to ensure that our Sheriff has sufficient funding for public safety.

Transportation will have a long-term, regional approach.

Efficient transportation translates into quality of life, safety and cost savings. I advocate realistic future planning based on regional partnerships. I’ll work with citizens and Centennial Airport to find collaborative solutions for noise reduction.

Our quality of life will thrive.

Seniors and veterans will be honored. Families will be safer. Our parks and open spaces will be protected and enhanced. We’ll continue to provide a wide range of County services that our community needs, including: public safety, human services, judicial support, and road and bridge maintenance.