Arapahoe County Joins Moving Towards Zero Deaths Initiative

CDOT program creates a shared vision for transportation safety in Colorado

LITTLETON, CO --- Arapahoe County has joined the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Moving Towards Zero Deaths Initiative to reduce traffic fatalities in Colorado. The Board of County Commissioners voted to become a partner on Sept. 19.

“As the population of the County and Colorado continue to increase, unfortunately so do traffic fatalities. All travelers should arrive at their destinations safely, whether they drive, bike, walk or ride” says Commissioner Nancy Sharpe, Board Chair. “We are proud to support this effort to continually strive for zero traffic deaths in Arapahoe County.”

Arapahoe County is the first County in Colorado to adopt the Moving Toward Zero Deaths initiative, joining other statewide partners in their pledge to focus on programs that help decrease fatalities, serious injuries and crashes. The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and Public Works and Development Department will partner to support the initiative in areas including aging road users, bicyclists and pedestrians, impaired driving, infrastructure improvements, young driver education and distracted driving.

Arapahoe County has been tracking detailed traffic crash information including fatalities since 2003. Within the County, the overall number of serious injury crashes has decreased in each of the last three years from 390 in 2013 to 300 in 2015. However, the number of fatalities has increased in the same time period from 21 in 2013 to 25 in 2015.

CDOT’s Moving Toward Zero Deaths initiative began in 2015 and set a bold and visionary goal of zero deaths for every individual, family and community using Colorado’s transportation network. Moving Toward Zero Deaths is a core value of the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which provides innovative and data-driven approaches to improving highway safety. Learn more about the initiative and review the Safety Plan at