Commissioner Nancy Sharpe Announces Bid For Re-Election 2018


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County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe

Announces Re-election Bid

Greenwood Village, CO -- County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe is running for re-election to a third term as Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2.  Nancy wants to continue focusing on improving the lives of Arapahoe County residents. 

“I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved as a County these last seven years making our residents lives safe, services easier to access and more recreational opportunities available,” Sharpe said.  “I’m running for a third term as Commissioner, so I can help continue to provide efficient, effective and common sense local government for all of Arapahoe County citizens.”  

While on the Commission, Nancy has worked to secure appropriate funding for critical roadway expansions and improvements such as I-25/Arapahoe Road, park enhancements, creation of new trails and open space, and allocating citizen tax dollars wisely and conservatively.  Nancy helped accomplish this while maintaining a strong focus on her two passions: ensuring public safety, especially the safety of children and the elderly, and maintaining a strong economy.

“In 2014, we noticed a growing number of child abuse and neglect cases reported. That was heartbreaking and unacceptable,” Sharpe said.  “In conjunction with District Attorney Brauchler, I led the charge to create the “Not One More Child” coalition, a coalition made up of both public and private organizations that works to prevent child abuse and neglect.  This is extremely important, and at times difficult work but working together this coalition has made a difference helping our kids.”

Nancy has extensive community leadership involvement beyond County Commissioner including Mayor of Greenwood Village, Chair of Metro Mayors Caucus, Chair of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, Chair of the Metro Area County Commissioners, and Board of Trustees for Denver South Economic Development Partnership.  Over the last seven years, she served several years as Chair of Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners. Nancy also worked in the private sector as an executive bringing her critical business experience to work for Arapahoe County citizens.

“In Arapahoe County, we have a robust job market, safe communities and beautiful parks and open space.  But these demand continual work to maintain.” Sharpe said. “This requires a County Commissioner that understands the regional issues impacting our communities.  It requires someone with executive, business and local government experience that will promote job friendly policies for our region and protect our quality of life. I believe I have proven to have these qualifications.”

Nancy has been an Arapahoe County resident for nearly 40 years raising her family here with her husband George.  Nancy credits her father, a career Army officer, for installing the love for her Country and her commitment to service of others.  Nancy wants to continue this service as County Commissioner for four more years.  Additional information about Nancy and her campaign can be found at



Arapahoe County Commissioners adopt Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan

Plan creates framework for comprehensive, safe on-street bicycle and trail network

LITTLETON, CO --- The future of biking and walking in and around Arapahoe County is looking bright.

The Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously Oct. 17 to adopt the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, which includes findings, policy recommendations, design guide and a proposed network of on-street and trail facilities and projects needed to complete the network.

The plan was previously adopted by the Arapahoe County Planning Commission Oct. 3 and will become part of the Arapahoe County Comprehensive Master Plan through the year 2035.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is a joint effort of the County’s Open Spaces and Public Works and Development’s Transportation Division and has been in development since May 2016.

It includes a vision and goals for biking and walking in and around the County and provides a framework for creating a comprehensive on-street bicycle and trail network that safely connects neighborhoods and destinations and encourages walking and bicycling, as well as other forms of use including equestrians, for travel and recreation.

The plan covers both the incorporated and unincorporated portions of the County and was developed in close coordination with all local municipalities. Public feedback also was sought and implemented during the process through public meetings, an online survey and engagement through social media.

“Our community has shown their passion for this project and it’s important that we support the development of a comprehensive, strategic Bicycle and Pedestrian plan,” says Commissioner Nancy Sharpe, Board Chair. “This plan will provide guidance as new facilities are created and allow for more citizens to safely access and enjoy biking and walking for travel and recreation.”

The plan also will help guide future development of bike and pedestrian facilities through a variety of on-street and trail improvements outlined in the proposed network.

On-street bicycle treatments include bike routes, bike lanes, multipurpose paths and new options, such as buffered bike lanes and protected bikeways. Off-street trail updates include new trail connections, links to the on-street bike network, future trailheads and underpasses and widening of some regional trails that experience heavy use by bicyclists and pedestrians.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is a long-term vision that identifies infrastructure projects to create a low-stress network that will be completed 20 – 30 years in the future. Based on the goals of the plan, projects that will have the biggest impact on connecting the network and users have been prioritized. The completion of the network will occur over time as resources become available.


Arapahoe County Joins Moving Towards Zero Deaths Initiative

CDOT program creates a shared vision for transportation safety in Colorado

LITTLETON, CO --- Arapahoe County has joined the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Moving Towards Zero Deaths Initiative to reduce traffic fatalities in Colorado. The Board of County Commissioners voted to become a partner on Sept. 19.

“As the population of the County and Colorado continue to increase, unfortunately so do traffic fatalities. All travelers should arrive at their destinations safely, whether they drive, bike, walk or ride” says Commissioner Nancy Sharpe, Board Chair. “We are proud to support this effort to continually strive for zero traffic deaths in Arapahoe County.”

Arapahoe County is the first County in Colorado to adopt the Moving Toward Zero Deaths initiative, joining other statewide partners in their pledge to focus on programs that help decrease fatalities, serious injuries and crashes. The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and Public Works and Development Department will partner to support the initiative in areas including aging road users, bicyclists and pedestrians, impaired driving, infrastructure improvements, young driver education and distracted driving.

Arapahoe County has been tracking detailed traffic crash information including fatalities since 2003. Within the County, the overall number of serious injury crashes has decreased in each of the last three years from 390 in 2013 to 300 in 2015. However, the number of fatalities has increased in the same time period from 21 in 2013 to 25 in 2015.

CDOT’s Moving Toward Zero Deaths initiative began in 2015 and set a bold and visionary goal of zero deaths for every individual, family and community using Colorado’s transportation network. Moving Toward Zero Deaths is a core value of the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which provides innovative and data-driven approaches to improving highway safety. Learn more about the initiative and review the Safety Plan at

Balanced Oil and Gas Regulations in Arapahoe County

A little more than two years ago, Arapahoe County Colorado began to see a fast uptick in oil and natural gas production. The new horizontal drilling technique combined with the process of hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, opened up sections of the Niobrara Formation located in Arapahoe County. These innovative drilling techniques have made previously unprofitable areas such as the Arapahoe County section of the Niobrara Formation accessible to large producers such as Anadarko, Conoco Phillips and Noble Energy as well as many smaller sized operators.

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Bringing Balance to the Fracking Debate

Bringing Balance to the Fracking Debate

By: Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2

As both a county official and a resident of Arapahoe County, I want to take a moment to address the issue of the balance as it relates to oil and gas development, both in our county and in the state of Colorado. The theme of balance is one that seems to have been embraced by one side in this debate, while largely rejected by the other, leaving the rest of us to deal with the potential fallout of bans on oil and gas production.

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Press Release

Centennial – Arapahoe County Commissioner for District 2, Nancy Sharpe will launch her campaign to be re-elected with an event on Tuesday, February 25.  The kickoff event will take place at the Tavern DTC from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  Constituents, elected officials, community leaders, and friends supporting Sharpe’s candidacy, will attend to celebrate her vision for another four years of prosperity and safety in Arapahoe County.

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Local dignitaries host reception for Sharpe

Local dignitaries host reception for Sharpe

Nancy Sharpe is running for re-election

By Gerri Sweeney

Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe celebrated with local dignitaries, Feb. 25 at the DTC/Tavern in Greenwood Village. The reception was hosted by Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon and Greenwood Village Mayor Ron Rakowsky.  Co-hosts included Katy Atkinson, Mike Beasley, David Cole, Peter Culshaw, Chrissy Estes Faraci, Matt Hopper, David Kerber, Buz Koelbel, Jon Lehmann, Marcus Pachner, Lois Rice, Frank Schultz, Rich Sokol, Brian Watson and Phil Workman.

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Nancy Sharpe seeks re-election

Nancy Sharpe seeks re-election

District 2 commissioner reps Greenwood Village, part of Centennial

By Peter Jones

First-term Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe is back for more.

“I really have enjoyed this job,” she said. “I feel like I’ve made a difference and I want to be able to continue to do that. I feel like I’m making a contribution.”

Sharpe announced her bid for re-election last week in redrawn District 2, which now includes Greenwood Village, a large part of Centennial, an unincorporated chunk of central Arapahoe County and a sliver of south Aurora.

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