An “Army brat” as a child, Nancy Sharpe calls Arapahoe County her first real home. Nancy and her husband, George, have invested in the community: working, owning a home, managing a business, and raising their children. Prior to being elected County Commissioner in 2010, Nancy was a business executive specializing in project management.


Nancy Sharpe has established a track record of experience and effectiveness in local government serving citizens of Arapahoe County:

  • Board of Trustees, Denver South Economic Development Partnership
  • Chair, Transportation Management Asso 2017
  • Chair, Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners 2012, 2014, 2017
  • Chair, Metro Area County Commissioners
  • Chair, Metro Mayors Caucus
  • Chair, Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • Chair, Colorado Counties Human Services Steering Committee
  • Mayor, Council Member, Planning and Zoning Commissioner of Greenwood Village







Slogans are easy, but results are a real measure of success. Nancy Sharpe builds positive relationships with community leaders. She’s a proven consensus builder. Our community has benefited from Nancy Sharpe’s results-oriented leadership:

  • Balanced County budget
  • Funding vital road improvements (Arapahoe Road/I-25 Interchange & Arapahoe Road east of Parker Road)
  • Highline Canal and Cherry Creek Trail connections and preservation
  • Statewide mandatory reporting of elder abuse
  • Implementing statewide child abuse hotline
  • Started Not One More Child in Arapahoe County to eliminate child abuse and neglect 
  • Developed county regulations that promote responsible production of oil & natural gas while protecting our environment.